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PostSubject: The Celestial Spirits   The Celestial Spirits I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 09, 2012 11:59 am

The Celestial Spirits

Gold Keys:

Aquarius Summoner:
"The Water Bearer" Aquarius is a mermaid carrying a jug of water. Lucy considers Aquarius her strongest Spirit, even after she got Loke's key.

Taurus Summoner:
"The Golden Bull" Taurus is a minotaur with black and white splotched skin, a nose ring and a black speedo, and belt. He wields a giant two-bladed axe.

Cancer Summoner:
"The Great Crab" Cancer has a crab-claw hairstyle with six crab legs coming out of his back. He wields a pair of scissors that he uses for attacking and haircuts.

Virgo Summoner:
"The Maiden" Virgo has a normal black and white maid outfit, with chained shackles around her wrist. She has the ability to dig holes underground.

Sagitarus Summoner:
"The Archer" Sagittarius is a man wearing a horse costume much to Lucy's surprise with a great skill in archery.

Leo Summoner:
"The Lion" Leo appears as a man in a designer suit with his hair in the form of a lion's mane. He uses the Magic Regulus for combat.

Aries Summoner:
"The Ram" Aries is a timid female. She has horns at the top of her head much like a ram. She has white and fluffy clothes, like a sheep. Her Magic deals with using wool attacks to reassure her opponents in combat.

Scorpio Summoner:
"The Scorpion" Scorpio is a rough man with a large gun for a tail. Scorpio uses a sand based Magic, which he blasts a great amount of sand from his tail.

Gemini Summoner: Hoshika Sasayaki,
"The Twins" "Gemi" and "Mini" are two little Spirits that can transform into anyone perfectly and replicate both their thoughts and Magic.

Capricorn Summoner:
"The Goat" Capricorn is a humanoid goat who was taken over by his former master through the use of Lost Magic. When he is freed, he joins Lucy as one of her Spirits.

Silver Keys

Crux Summoner:
"The Southern Cross" Crux is a human like cross, with a mustache and cross shaped nose. Crux has a lot of information about all Celestial Spirits and their masters, either in the present or in the past.

Horologium Summoner:
"The Pendulum Clock" Horologium is a large grandfather clock. Horologium has combat and non-combat uses.

Lyra Summoner:
"The Lyre" Lyra wears a bonnet and dress. She also has wings on her back, she has the ability to sing beautiful songs, she mostly sings about emotions, but she does take requests.

Nikora Summoner:
"The Canis Minor" Nikora is a cute, yet small creature. Nikora takes up hardly any Magic power when summoned.

Caelum Summoner:
"The Chisel", it appears as more of an item than a being which takes three different forms to attack.

Pyxis Summoner:
"The Compass", Pyxis looks like a penguin with a big round face. It has a compass on top of its head.

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The Celestial Spirits
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